equipment quality replacement parts
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equipment quality replacement parts

The following is په اړه وسايل quality بدلول برخې I هيله to help you ښه پوهیدل وسايل quality بدلول برخې


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equipment quality replacement parts

item No. PM-081
Material SKD11
Accuracy +/-0.01mm
Process د EDM تار / CNC   ماشین
Finish raw
Application Automotive industry

Why Paiyan?

 equipment quality replacement partsReliable Quality

◦      Extremely accurate measurements and tolerance

◦      Consistent surfaces and colors

◦      No need to reworks

 equipment quality replacement parts Excellent Service

◦      One-stop service

◦      Innovative solutions

◦      Good English speaking employees

◦      Quick response

◦      Reliable delivery time

equipment quality replacement parts Wide range

◦      Machining-Stainless steel 304/316L

◦      Die-casting for Aluminum & Zinc

◦      Plastic injection for ABS/PA/POM etc.

â — ¦ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ ربړ - EPDM / سیلیکون

equipment quality replacement partsFlexible Production

◦      Small batch acceptable

◦      Lean Production

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