precision metal fabrication parts
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precision metal fabrication parts

د following ده په اړه precدهion metal fabrication parts. I hope to help you better understand precدهion metal fabrication parts.


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دقیقا د فلزي جعلي برخې

item No. PM-074
مواد SKD11
دقت +/-0.01mm
Process EDM wire/cnc machining
Finish raw
Application Automotive industry

Why Paiyan?

 دقیقا د فلزي جعلي برخېReliable Quality

â — ¦ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ په ډیره کچه دقیق اندازه کول او زغم

◦      Consistent surfaces and colors

◦      No need to reworks

 دقیقا د فلزي جعلي برخېعالي خدمت

â — ¦ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ یو ځنډ خدمت

◦      Innovative solutions

◦      Good English speaking employees

â — ¦ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ چټک غبرګون

◦      Reliable delivery time

دقیقا د فلزي جعلي برخې Wide range

â — ¦ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ & nbsp؛ ماشینګ St بې دریغه فولاد 304 / 316L

◦      Die-casting for Aluminum & Zinc

◦      Plastic injection for ABS/PA/POM etc.

◦      Rubber-EPDM/Silicone

دقیقا د فلزي جعلي برخېFlexible Production

◦      Small batch acceptable

◦      Lean Production

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